How To Get Unstuck And Back On Top Of Life

We all get stuck sometimes, even in our most inspiring life moments. However, we also know that if we obsess over feelings of apathy, we’ll just end in a vibrational purgatory that produces more of the same! Here are some quick but powerful ways to get unstuck and back on top of life.

Find The Source

If you don’t already know, figure out the real origin of your feeling of being stuck. Is it do with relationships, your career, your finances, your living situation, or your social life? Perhaps it’s a combination of multiple things.

For each area where you feel stuck, write a sentence describing why you feel stuck. Solutions often naturally fall out of this process.

Deliberately Leave Your Comfort Zone

Often, feeling stuck has a lot to do with getting too comfortable and avoiding risk—you might tell yourself you’re avoiding pain, but you’re also preventing personal growth. Challenge yourself to come up with 3-5 new things you want to do but haven’t yet tried.

Change Your Surroundings

Our environment impacts on our hearts and minds, so adapting the world around you can give you the shift in perspective that you need in order to get unstuck. You could make a big change (such as redecorating), but even smaller changes like moving the furniture or eating at new restaurants can start to make you think differently.


Work On Accepting All Emotions

Paradoxically, fighting against the feeling of stuck will sometimes keep you in that place or make you feel even worse (like struggling in quicksand). You may find what you need is to learn to accept how it feels to be stuck, acknowledging that it is temporary and releasing your resistance. A daily mindfulness practice can help with this.

Get Physical

Just as adapting your home can jog something loose in your thinking, so too can adopting a more physical life. You may find that running, swimming, dancing or even walking helps you get into the proactive mindset you need to make major changes. This is a quick fix for passing feelings of being stuck, and also a longer term solution that brings new energy to your life.

Give Yourself Permission To Dream

We often impose arbitrary limits on our thoughts, to the extent that we don’t even always allow our brains to fantasize freely. Strike a deal with yourself, letting your mind go wherever it wants—don’t shut it down if it goes somewhere unfamiliar or uncomfortable. You may just find that your subconscious already knows how to get you out of your rut.

Identify Patterns

Finally, ask yourself when in life you’ve previously felt this way. What was causing that stuck feeling, and are there similarities to your present situation? What helped you, and what (if anything) seemed to make things worse? This quick exercise can reacquaint you with dormant skills and help you to see how you can avoid some of the most commonly repeating triggers for stuckness.

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