Age is a funny thing. We tend to assume it’s the same for everyone, but what’s truly incredible is when you take a moment to understand how age is, in fact, completely different on all who wear it. For some it brings wisdom, others bitterness or loneliness, and for the luckiest of us all; complete gratitude for all we have seen, experienced and enjoyed.

I love so many well aged individuals that I’ve met on travels all around the world, and at home. Some of the most beautiful women I know have been divorced (once or more), married again, widowed, lost children, endured war and depressions, and still live lives filled with a brilliant style of joy.

My grandmother in particular, at 91 never stops trotting around with a humungous, never ending, grin on her gorgeous wrinkly face. Her eyes sparkle, despite the hardships she’s seen, every story is told with a chest bubbling giggle, and she never forgets that laughter at herself is the most important kind. Grandma is the oldest 21 year old girl I’ve ever been privileged enough to experience, and she is appreciated by all she encounters. To describe her as a wine that’s improved with age doesn’t show her justice. She’s more an ever fresh lemonade that you just never tire of, or a delightful Grandma trifle made with love.

There’s lessons to learn a plenty from the aged. The most important, I feel, is that right now, no matter where you are, you are ‘choosing’ how you age. Your current mindset and outlook, are creating your own unique style of wrinkles and saggy bits. Really think about it, and begin designing something stunningly wrinkly. 

Tonight I sit alone in the darkness, the warmth of the fire taking the chill off the brisk winters night. I’ve moved the mattress into the lounge room, taking full advantage of the cracking flames, and created what Brendon would call ‘the pit’, I’ve surround myself with pillows and a heavy feather duvet.

Wind whistles through the veranda beams, pressing erratically against the window frames, causing them to shudder in response. I’m happy here. Tonight, the pitch black and the present elements are friends. I am safe. I am whole. The feeling’s of anxiousness and unease that have plagued my body this last few days, pressing in on all sides and constricting my chest until I was sure my heart would shatter or stop beating, have eased. I now control my soul and focus on healing once more. Or maybe my soul controls me? Whatever the answer, for tonight we are at peace.


Spending a precious few moments strolling my parents gardens and ‘EARTHING’ 🌏
I’m a busy woman who runs multiple businesses, travels regularly, is often stuck in offices or amongst a concrete jungle in various cities around the world. Getting back to nature and ‘feeling’ the earth, changes my centre completely 🍃The earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. Simply walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock can diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments.
When was the last time you went barefoot and how good did it feel!? Take a moment for you today and go earthing, you’ll be glad for it 🍃👌🏻

Every now an then your breath shallows, your insides seem to constrict, crushing your heart space, and panic sets in. Panic of some kind whether you recognise it or not.

Pause, take three deep breaths and allow yourself to analyse the cause. What are you thinking about? Why does it scare you? Trace the emotion and discover the truth.

Personally, I know this happens to me when I’m overthinking (always the worse case scenario), and creating images of things that aren’t real. I’m tormenting myself with my worst nightmare and seem to have suddenly convinced myself that it could be real. Perhaps your jealousy creates these scenes, perhaps the fear of not succeeding or perhaps you feel as though your dreams are disappearing and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Break these emotions down and realise they are irrational. The universe always takes care of you. You are safe. Everything is happening in the perfect time space sequence. You don’t need to struggle to achieve your desires. Just trust that they will happen.

So take those deep breaths and allow the tightness to float away. You are safe, and so are your dreams.

What do you do with your rings post divorce?

Its a serious question that near on a third of the population will someday ask. I myself have some stunning Hardy Brothers diamond rings in a draw, completely useless!

Yes I was married once upon a time (total disaster), and now like so many other, really have no clue what to do with these rings. There are the obvious choices of course:

  1. Throw them into the ocean.

    A time honored tradition for the scorned ex wife (that I was). Therapeutically this sounds like a beautiful release! But I can’t bring myself to waste $10k worth of gold and diamonds!

  2. Sell them.

    I tried. Honestly I’m not sure there is a platform adequate enough for selling second hand wedding rings and pawn brokers will rip you off completely! (Don’t bother) Mine are still listed on eBay but you have to be on guard for scammers. There are many.

  3. Melt them down into something new.

    Definitely a viable thought, but do you really want that karma still? I dunno to me there is still some horrid thought of the experience that is associated with them.

You see there’s no completely easy solution. They’re just beauty that you don’t want to look at or wear, tucked in a drawer never to be appreciated again. It’s a sad tale for diamonds really…

If you have a solution, I’d love to hear it! x

This indescribably beautiful flower is a lotus. When you see them on dusk they seem to glow in the moonlight. It’s brilliant beyond words.
They grow in mud.

This bloom is proof that the most stunning wonders can spawn in absolute sh*t. Remember that next time you feel like life is as bad as it can be. Next time you’re trudging through the mud with no direction.

You’re just a lotus ready preparing to flower 😉 The lotus that grows in the mud.

Do you ever wake up in the morning singing some random song you haven’t heard in years?

I’m sure you have, it’s a pretty common occurrence in our house. Today’s tune was a childhood flashback from one of the greats, Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday’. Instantly I was filled with memories of being 5-6ish, dancing around the house as my mother cleaned and sang away, harmonising perfectly and whistling with such skill, through the instrumental sections. Memories of beautiful moments for a girl to hold forever.

My mother still does this today and its always a pleasure to experience.

I wonder why it is we awake with such a random song, does it mean anything or is it our subconscious associating lyrics to current events in our lives?

“Everyday, it’s a-gettin’ closer
Goin’ faster than a roller coaster
Love like yours will surely come my way
A-hey, a-hey hey”

They’re nice lyrics, and yeah, I can relate them to life at the moment 🙂 We’ll see how it all pans out in time and maybe that’ll provide the answer to this mystery! haha

Everyday we are surrounded by gold. The gold is everywhere if you take the time to see it and enjoy it.

It’s in the simple moments of hearing the birds sing good morning as you check your emails in bed (like me) 😉, or when you walk out of an interview or meeting and just know that you nailed it, strolling under a heating vent when your skins a bit chilly or perhaps it’s just the smell of a really great coffee! ☕️

Today, remember to notice the gold all around you.👌🏻This simple act of mindfulness is an oasis of beauty and success that you can tap into anywhere, anytime. Creating your very own playbook of daily gold moments ensures joy even in the busiest of daily routines.

Collect these treasured moments and use them to guide your vision of success!

It seems to be common these days, to see people repeating relationship patterns, pinpointing our own though, seems near on impossible. We know that at the end of the day we wind up lonely, alone and heartbroken again, but what is the cause?

Perhaps we really do choose the same men/women again and again, with similar traits like our fathers/mothers, or perhaps, as I have done on multiple occasions, we give away our integrity somewhere along the road to bliss, and the relationship fails from there.

It wasn’t until recently that I stumbled upon this realisation.

I recall one instance when I had been asleep for some hours, when my boyfriend at the time, sloshed home with two revoltingly drunk 18-21 year olds that I didn’t know. They rowdily blew air horns, played loud music and my partner jovially joined in as if this was regular, acceptable behaviour for a grown man. More 18ish year old inebriated boys paraded through the front door for the next hour, coming into our bedroom and pestering me, acting like this was fine and normal. It certainly was not, in my opinion. I shut them out and attempted to sleep. While I was severely uncomfortable, I wasn’t frightened. Thankfully I’d grown up in a large family and knew how to hold my own if need be.

Not too long after, I was astounded to realise they were smoking marijuana in our kitchen! Marijuana is not a legal substance in Australia and certainly not something I want in my life. The fumes had managed to waft through the ducted heating vents and FILL the bedroom. I could hardly breath! Needing to escape the bedroom I opened the door onto teenagers with too much testosterone… and the munchies. My instincts wanted to call the cops. I didn’t. Like the good girlfriend I assumed I should be, I made them all pikelets, looked after them and once my boyfriend had passed out on the couch, I saw them off at 3am. After all, he owned our home so what authority did I have?

The following day I hid my ultimate disgust. I took care of the most hung over man I have ever seen. I helped him through migraines, fed, watered and massaged. Where had my integrity gone? And when exactly did I loose it? This life was not mine but I had, in another way, been here before.

Once you have decided to hang onto your integrity, you have a much easier path to knowing yourself and what you believe in. – Goldie Hawn

Tracing back my past relationships there has each time, been a moment when I have unconsciously shifted to trying to please my partner, and it has been in these moments that the relationships have begun to dissolve. In my past marriage I had recognised my husbands discontent, and correspondingly shifted to pleasing mode. I would do, accept and participate in whatever I thought he would want me to. Whatever would make him love me. In the previous example, I had hurt my boyfriend a year earlier and had since felt I had to earn his love back again. I gave away my integrity and rejected my own morals to please his every desire. 

There is never a happy ending for people who loose their integrity. – Goldie Hawn

As a child, when my parents where angry or unhappy, I can remember writing them sweet letters and picking fresh flowers from the garden, they loved me for it. I created a belief in those moments, that I had to earn love. I don’t and nor do you.

To retain, or perhaps regain our integrity, we need to get clear on our moral principals and stand to them. They are our guide, helping us get clear on how we are willing accept life. Don’t accept anything less and resist any peer pressure that may violate your personal beliefs.

To help me discover my own edges, I chose to reminisce on the various moments in past relationships, where I have given away my power and lost my self respect. Many of these moments I now feel physically sick simply remembering conversations. You may end up with a list of what you don’t want in your life, what you cannot accept as part of you, and that’s fine. People have often called me a prude and that is a badge I will now forever wear with pride. It is respect for myself and my morals. We can’t give away our integrity or let someone else control our moral compass, or we begin to loose ourselves completely.

Moral principals (Things I don’t like or can’t accept in my life)

  • Excess alcohol – The occasional happy night is fine, every weekend for me, is not.
  • Drugs – I understand Marijuana is relaxing to some, but if you’re going to do it don’t come anywhere near me.
  • Pornography – While I don’t mind if my partner enjoys it on rare occasion, it’s not something I want to be subject to. I find it demeaning. Occasionally it may be erotic but thats rare.
  • The idea of threesomes – Literally revolts me and even discussing them makes my stomach churn. Either you love and accept me as enough or you bugger off.
  • Submission – Love me properly, don’t take me for granted.
  • Cheating – Possibly more repugnant than the cheater are those they hook up with. While in the past I have been in this scenario, I never will again.
  • Lack of respect – I believe when I’ve given away my integrity in the past (been part of any of these unacceptables) , I’ve lost respect for myself, which in turn causes a lack of respect from my partner.

I challenge you today to regain your integrity and define the direction your moral compass points. Break the pattern of relationship chaos and restore your personal power. 



Those unwanted times in life where your reality gets an overhaul, and you’re back to re evaluating life again and attempting to regain some perspective.

Perhaps you’ve realised it’s time you wanted to be grown up already, or maybe a loved one passed away, or perhaps your partner is acting like a scared teenager who’s struggling to deal with his own life lessons.

The truth of it is, we are all continuously re evaluating life and there’s no wrong path. Which ever one we take is right. It’s right for us at the time. We all make the best decisions we can with the information and emotions we have at that precise moment.

Today, I’m working on checking out my reality. Remembering my souls life path and evaluating the journey I would like to take. This can be a painful process, and it can be exhilarating at times. Everybody reacts differently.

If this is where you’re at today then remember to be kind to yourself. Respect and love yourself through it. You may experience fear or loneliness – think of them as friends that are part of you. They are there to help you not get hurt and to protect you from possible pains. Accept them both and allow them as part of you. 

Best of luck xx


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