What can be said… other than wow. This is a place for the giants, a home of history, and a sanctuary for nature to rest. The sheer size and power of the incredible Granite Rock Faces here are a testament to the strength of nature. We’ve trekked the Yosemite National park during winter and summer now and thou

gh the paths are the same and the stone pillars familiar, the feeling is remarkably different season to season.

During the summer months expect heat and tourists and climbers galore as everyone either wants to experience this wonder or conquer an incredible rock face such as Half Dome or El Capitan. And might I add, that whether lead climbing, bouldering or free solo is your thing as far as climbing goes… Yosemite Valley… is a goldmine! ❤

When the snow falls the Valley has a completely different feel. People are scarce, many trecks are closed due to ice and snow but theres a rare opportunity to experience the peace and find solace here. Its the time for paying homage to nature. Yosemite commands respect and and in turn you can feel yourself protected by the great stones surrounding you. Beauty and strength is everywhere. 

If you need to get back to nature and ground yourself once more, don’t go past this one. Yosemite National Park really is talked about for a reason.

Great for the whole family! Enjoy!

Spending a precious few moments strolling my parents gardens and ‘EARTHING’ 🌏
I’m a busy woman who runs multiple businesses, travels regularly, is often stuck in offices or amongst a concrete jungle in various cities around the world. Getting back to nature and ‘feeling’ the earth, changes my centre completely 🍃The earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. Simply walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock can diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments.
When was the last time you went barefoot and how good did it feel!? Take a moment for you today and go earthing, you’ll be glad for it 🍃👌🏻

Every now an then your breath shallows, your insides seem to constrict, crushing your heart space, and panic sets in. Panic of some kind whether you recognise it or not.

Pause, take three deep breaths and allow yourself to analyse the cause. What are you thinking about? Why does it scare you? Trace the emotion and discover the truth.

Personally, I know this happens to me when I’m overthinking (always the worse case scenario), and creating images of things that aren’t real. I’m tormenting myself with my worst nightmare and seem to have suddenly convinced myself that it could be real. Perhaps your jealousy creates these scenes, perhaps the fear of not succeeding or perhaps you feel as though your dreams are disappearing and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Break these emotions down and realise they are irrational. The universe always takes care of you. You are safe. Everything is happening in the perfect time space sequence. You don’t need to struggle to achieve your desires. Just trust that they will happen.

So take those deep breaths and allow the tightness to float away. You are safe, and so are your dreams.

This indescribably beautiful flower is a lotus. When you see them on dusk they seem to glow in the moonlight. It’s brilliant beyond words.
They grow in mud.

This bloom is proof that the most stunning wonders can spawn in absolute sh*t. Remember that next time you feel like life is as bad as it can be. Next time you’re trudging through the mud with no direction.

You’re just a lotus ready preparing to flower 😉 The lotus that grows in the mud.

Everyday we are surrounded by gold. The gold is everywhere if you take the time to see it and enjoy it.

It’s in the simple moments of hearing the birds sing good morning as you check your emails in bed (like me) 😉, or when you walk out of an interview or meeting and just know that you nailed it, strolling under a heating vent when your skins a bit chilly or perhaps it’s just the smell of a really great coffee! ☕️

Today, remember to notice the gold all around you.👌🏻This simple act of mindfulness is an oasis of beauty and success that you can tap into anywhere, anytime. Creating your very own playbook of daily gold moments ensures joy even in the busiest of daily routines.

Collect these treasured moments and use them to guide your vision of success!

Those unwanted times in life where your reality gets an overhaul, and you’re back to re evaluating life again and attempting to regain some perspective.

Perhaps you’ve realised it’s time you wanted to be grown up already, or maybe a loved one passed away, or perhaps your partner is acting like a scared teenager who’s struggling to deal with his own life lessons.

The truth of it is, we are all continuously re evaluating life and there’s no wrong path. Which ever one we take is right. It’s right for us at the time. We all make the best decisions we can with the information and emotions we have at that precise moment.

Today, I’m working on checking out my reality. Remembering my souls life path and evaluating the journey I would like to take. This can be a painful process, and it can be exhilarating at times. Everybody reacts differently.

If this is where you’re at today then remember to be kind to yourself. Respect and love yourself through it. You may experience fear or loneliness – think of them as friends that are part of you. They are there to help you not get hurt and to protect you from possible pains. Accept them both and allow them as part of you. 

Best of luck xx


Do you ever have those days where no matter what you try to do to think positive affirmations, you cant seem to find release from the negative thoughts? For me, today was one of those days.

All morning, although my hands were busy, my mind was stuck on a destructive path of self abuse. I tried tracing back these negative thoughts to the first time they could have become a belief in my life, I tried reconnecting with nature by going bush walking with the dogs, I tried meditation, youtube self help videos, baking, cleaning house to clear clutter and to feel fresh, all to no avail.

And then I recalled reading an article on taking care of yourself. Obviously today I needed to give myself some love. My mind was screaming at me to provide the love that it needed. So I set aside my list of jobs, decided to ignore the ironing and chose to focus on me and to love and appreciate myself.

What works to settle your mind and bring you back to your true self may be completely different to me. I paint. So today I setup my easel, my paints, brushes and water and began. The instant calm and control I felt was indescribable. This was my zone and a complete place where nothing I do can be wrong or judged. Art settles the soul more than anything else I have discovered. Colours sooth your emotions and the act of producing something beautiful creates pride in ones self.

Not everyone has the time or opportunity in their day to paint, but in any brief case, one can fit an adult colouring book. 10 minutes of colouring on your morning commute may change your entire day 🙂

Recently I spent a lot of time working on my self and re gaining my self worth. For those who are starting on this journey themselves there are some great books you should read and youtube seminars to listen to. I’ve listed some at the bottom.

One section that struck a real cord with me was realising, and coming to know, that I support myself. There are always times in life where you feel no one understands and you’re completely alone. Recognising that I am here for myself always, was a big comfort. Suddenly I chose to support my decisions, which in turn lead me to greater self trust. But the really remarkable occurrence, which I was told would happen but as yet had no proof, was that the more I chose to support myself, the more unexpected friends and family members chose to reveal their support for me also.

This began this morning and has continued all day! My self value has shifted and it seems the universe is shifting with this change in my energy. The first incredible vote of support was from a client, the second was one of Beasts colleagues, the third a unexpected family member, and the fourth, via message, was an overseas friend I haven’t seen in years, who had no knowledge of anything going on in my life at all. Did I mention this was all before lunch time?

It’s really amazing how the universe supports you when you support yourself. Suddenly I find that there is so much love and care everywhere I look!

Start small and begin the shift, the universe will shift with you.

Louise Hay – Finding yourself through love

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