Spending a precious few moments strolling my parents gardens and ‘EARTHING’ 🌏
I’m a busy woman who runs multiple businesses, travels regularly, is often stuck in offices or amongst a concrete jungle in various cities around the world. Getting back to nature and ‘feeling’ the earth, changes my centre completely 🍃The earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health. Simply walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock can diminish chronic pain, fatigue and other ailments.
When was the last time you went barefoot and how good did it feel!? Take a moment for you today and go earthing, you’ll be glad for it 🍃👌🏻

There’s no doubt about it, presentation matters, especially when it comes to selling your home. It’s important for prospective buyers to feel natural and at ease in your home space, while feeling reassured this house has been loved and cared for. It’s in good nic.

Here are a few tips we’ve found particularly effective for vendors when preparing to sell.

1. Declutter

​Pairing things back and simplifying the space makes a world of difference and is often under estimated, even de-personalising a space and removing family photos can really help.

2. Focus on key rooms

Focus on the main rooms to be photographed for the internet as these are the ones which will help the buyers choose which properties they will inspect. The kitchen is a very important room and must be clean and decluttered with perhaps just a coffee machine, a bowl of green apples or a small vignette of a cookbook, herb pots and mortar and pestle.

3. Consider your proportions

The rooms need to have well proportioned furniture to suit the size of the room and should contain a focal point, be it a great sofa, accent cushions or a colourful interesting art work. Also consider which angle the photos will be taken from and avoid showing the backs of sofas and chairs.

4. Neutralise the space

A lick of neutral paint always freshens up a space, allowing you to add pops of colour through art and decorative cushions which can be changed seasonally. Colour draws the buyers emotionally. For example soft blues and grey to create a feeling of relaxation and brighter oranges and yellows to energise the living areas. It’s important to note that feature coloured walls often make a home more difficult to sell, what colours you like, your buyers may not.

5. Fresh flowers for the win

Especially for photography purposes. Greenery or flowers adds freshness to a space and adds impact to photography.

Have you ever sat down and watched adorable movies like ‘Brother Bear’, and wondered, “What’s my spirit animal?”

Haha. Okay, well maybe its only me that does this but its certainly a pretty awesome notion! The American-Indians really had some awe inspiring and pretty frickin’ awesome traditions! (amongst some terrifying ones)

I sat on the airplane once, flying from DC to NYC, beside a lovely young Native American lady. She was proud of her heritage and so willing to share her customs with a foreign stranger, who clearly had no clue about her history. She spoke of traditions and ceremonies that are still followed, ones that have past and her personal stories of growing up in a ‘tribe’ culture.

For me it was unbelievable, I was astounded that at 12 years old, her brothers were sent to live in the woods alone for a week to become a man. In Australia I can imagine it, but America has bears, large cats, snow….! But also incredibly envious for the traditions they keep and the knowledge they pass down through the generations.


I feel we’ve lost a lot of that, our connection to mother earth, in westernised culture.

So in a brief bid to reconnect with nature I invite you to discover your spirit guide! 😉 I’m told you can do this through meditation and visualisation, connecting with an animal that ‘appears’ to you, or if nothing does, simply by birth month (southern/northern hemisphere dependant).

I started with the first strategy and concluded my spirit totem may be an Owl although my bath months signified a Raven. Oh the confusion now!

Discover your own below 🌿

Otter Totem

Northern Hemisphere: January 20 – February 18
Southern Hemisphere: July 22 – August 22

Otter lives outside the box, having defined quirks and a sense of play that’s rare. There is nothing conventional about Otter’s approaches but people born under this sign really get the job done thanks to amazing creativity. Otters are good friends, wonderful parents and superbly thoughtful heads of a household.

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Otter.

Wolf Totem

Northern Hemisphere: February 19 – March 20
Southern Hemisphere: August 23 September 22

Wolf feels things very deeply. This is an unparalleled lover with a talent for passion. What’s hard is that Wolf is also independent – they need time away to themselves. If Wolf finds a mate that understands that need, this person provides gentility and compassion for a lifetime.

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Wolf.

Falcon Totem

Northern Hemisphere: March 21 – April 19
Southern Hemisphere: September 23 – October 22

You are the “eyes in the sky” person of Native American Astrology. You can be trusted for your judgement, swift action and persistence. Initiative is your middle name. Falcon works well in team-oriented environments where his or her opinions are respected. When you want a life-long fiery lover – Falcon is your go-to person.

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Falcon.

Beaver Totem

Northern Hemisphere: April 20 – May 20
Southern Hemisphere: October 24 – November 21

Beavers are the people in life who say, “let’s do it!”. Beaver has a natural talent for business, doing things with remarkable efficiency. They have impressive mental acuity but can be pushy about the way things get built. Within their own space Beaver is loyal, kind, giving and supportive.

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Beaver.

Deer Totem

Northern Hemisphere: May 21 – June 20
Southern Hemisphere: November 22 – December 21

Deer have gentle, humorous qualities that bring everyone into sync. When no one knows what to say, Deer does. In fact, people often invite Deer to parties just for good conversation. They have a joix de vivre that’s contagious even when they seem to primp and preen.

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Deer.

Woodpecker Totem

Northern Hemisphere: June 21 – July 21
Southern Hemisphere: December 22 – January 19

Who is that tap, tap, tapping on my door? If it’s Woodpecker let them in! Wood peckers represent all that’s nurturing in Native American Symbolism. You could not ask for better partners and friends. Devotion and romance brightens their feathers, and they also know how to keep to a budget!

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Woodpecker.

Salmon Totem

Northern Hemisphere: July 22 – August 21
Southern Hemisphere: January 20 – February 18

WOW! Salmon is energy plus! This person literally eats and breaths enthusiasm for everything! If Salmon has an idea, nearly everyone wants to be part of it because their intuitiveness gives them an edge in success. Native Americans see Salmon as a goal-oriented creature who with the right person provides stability and sensuality willingly.

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Salmon.

Bear Totem

Northern Hemisphere: August 22 – Sept 21
Southern Hemisphere: February 19 – March 20

Bear is the most level-headed Animal always offering sound reasoning that takes into consideration various opinions. Despite how they seem in nature, Native Americans consider them shy creatures who love very deeply. They are patient and generous, which makes for good parenting (just don’t mess with Bear’s family).

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Bear.

Raven Totem

Northern Hemisphere: September 22 – October 22
Southern Hemisphere: March 21 – April 19

Raven’s love of pretty shiny things comes in handy in the business world. Thanks to unbridled charm they are quite the tycoon and capitalist. This isn’t sneaky, however. Raven responds to those that likewise give and care. In relationships, our Raven shows romance and insight.

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Raven.

Snake Totem

Northern Hemisphere: October 23 – November 22
Southern Hemisphere: April 20 – May 20

Shamanic practitioners tell us the Snake is a symbol of their sacred calling. Snake sheds it’s skin to grow. Native Americans respect this spirit as a teacher, sensitive and healer. With friends and family they illustrate humor and creative motivation, but when it comes to their soul’s contract, they take it very seriously.

Read all about the Native American Zodiac Sign of Snake.

Owl Totem

Northern Hemisphere: November 23 – December 21
Southern Hemisphere: May 21 – June 20

Owl flies silently with the wind, creating for a very mysterious character. These people adore adventure but often at high risks. They will protect nature meticulously and often illustrate a love of arts and education. In a relationship Owl is a good listener but needs a partner that can wing away periodically and just soar together.

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Snow Goose Totem

Northern Hemisphere: December 22 – January 19
Southern Hemisphere: June 21 – July 21

Unlike the expression, there is nothing “silly” about Goose. People born under the Snow Goose sign are goal-oriented and determined. They take pride in their work, always looking for a successful outcome. When Goose finds the right mate, the union can become very sensual, playful and expressive. Without that Goose becomes gloomy and obsessed.

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