Age is a funny thing. We tend to assume it’s the same for everyone, but what’s truly incredible is when you take a moment to understand how age is, in fact, completely different on all who wear it. For some it brings wisdom, others bitterness or loneliness, and for the luckiest of us all; complete gratitude for all we have seen, experienced and enjoyed.

I love so many well aged individuals that I’ve met on travels all around the world, and at home. Some of the most beautiful women I know have been divorced (once or more), married again, widowed, lost children, endured war and depressions, and still live lives filled with a brilliant style of joy.

My grandmother in particular, at 91 never stops trotting around with a humungous, never ending, grin on her gorgeous wrinkly face. Her eyes sparkle, despite the hardships she’s seen, every story is told with a chest bubbling giggle, and she never forgets that laughter at herself is the most important kind. Grandma is the oldest 21 year old girl I’ve ever been privileged enough to experience, and she is appreciated by all she encounters. To describe her as a wine that’s improved with age doesn’t show her justice. She’s more an ever fresh lemonade that you just never tire of, or a delightful Grandma trifle made with love.

There’s lessons to learn a plenty from the aged. The most important, I feel, is that right now, no matter where you are, you are ‘choosing’ how you age. Your current mindset and outlook, are creating your own unique style of wrinkles and saggy bits. Really think about it, and begin designing something stunningly wrinkly. 

Okay guys, so here’s our blog! And I’m saying ‘OUR’ in the loosest sense of the word. The chances of Brendon getting into blogging on here regularly are pretty minimal. He may from time to time stumble on some inspiration or feel the need to share his wisdom, but otherwise you’re stuck with me, Sherryn, telling our stories for the both of us 🙂

Oh Brendon, by the way is the love of my life, my partner in crime and someone pretty damn awesome to come home to. He’s also a genius at investing, which helps severely in real estate, and is super supportive. And I am a Marketing Manager for a Chinese company, I was a photographer (sold my studio and business a few years back), are a graphic designer also and I make wedding cakes etc from time to time. Basically I extend myself across every creative profession I can when I get slightly bored of the last one. Oh I also own businesses so one may call me a ‘creative entrepreneur.’

Anyway, on this blog you’re going to find a stack of helpful info if you’re in business or want to be, are creatively inclined, are interested in house investments, wish to read about life, style and relationships, plan on improving who you are or would like to suss out some great places to visit around the world (yeah we travel).

Enjoy! We love your company already 🙂

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