What do you do with your rings post divorce?

Its a serious question that near on a third of the population will someday ask. I myself have some stunning Hardy Brothers diamond rings in a draw, completely useless!

Yes I was married once upon a time (total disaster), and now like so many other, really have no clue what to do with these rings. There are the obvious choices of course:

  1. Throw them into the ocean.

    A time honored tradition for the scorned ex wife (that I was). Therapeutically this sounds like a beautiful release! But I can’t bring myself to waste $10k worth of gold and diamonds!

  2. Sell them.

    I tried. Honestly I’m not sure there is a platform adequate enough for selling second hand wedding rings and pawn brokers will rip you off completely! (Don’t bother) Mine are still listed on eBay but you have to be on guard for scammers. There are many.

  3. Melt them down into something new.

    Definitely a viable thought, but do you really want that karma still? I dunno to me there is still some horrid thought of the experience that is associated with them.

You see there’s no completely easy solution. They’re just beauty that you don’t want to look at or wear, tucked in a drawer never to be appreciated again. It’s a sad tale for diamonds really…

If you have a solution, I’d love to hear it! x

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