Every now an then your breath shallows, your insides seem to constrict, crushing your heart space, and panic sets in. Panic of some kind whether you recognise it or not.

Pause, take three deep breaths and allow yourself to analyse the cause. What are you thinking about? Why does it scare you? Trace the emotion and discover the truth.

Personally, I know this happens to me when I’m overthinking (always the worse case scenario), and creating images of things that aren’t real. I’m tormenting myself with my worst nightmare and seem to have suddenly convinced myself that it could be real. Perhaps your jealousy creates these scenes, perhaps the fear of not succeeding or perhaps you feel as though your dreams are disappearing and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

Break these emotions down and realise they are irrational. The universe always takes care of you. You are safe. Everything is happening in the perfect time space sequence. You don’t need to struggle to achieve your desires. Just trust that they will happen.

So take those deep breaths and allow the tightness to float away. You are safe, and so are your dreams.

This indescribably beautiful flower is a lotus. When you see them on dusk they seem to glow in the moonlight. It’s brilliant beyond words.
They grow in mud.

This bloom is proof that the most stunning wonders can spawn in absolute sh*t. Remember that next time you feel like life is as bad as it can be. Next time you’re trudging through the mud with no direction.

You’re just a lotus ready preparing to flower 😉 The lotus that grows in the mud.

Everyday we are surrounded by gold. The gold is everywhere if you take the time to see it and enjoy it.

It’s in the simple moments of hearing the birds sing good morning as you check your emails in bed (like me) 😉, or when you walk out of an interview or meeting and just know that you nailed it, strolling under a heating vent when your skins a bit chilly or perhaps it’s just the smell of a really great coffee! ☕️

Today, remember to notice the gold all around you.👌🏻This simple act of mindfulness is an oasis of beauty and success that you can tap into anywhere, anytime. Creating your very own playbook of daily gold moments ensures joy even in the busiest of daily routines.

Collect these treasured moments and use them to guide your vision of success!

Those unwanted times in life where your reality gets an overhaul, and you’re back to re evaluating life again and attempting to regain some perspective.

Perhaps you’ve realised it’s time you wanted to be grown up already, or maybe a loved one passed away, or perhaps your partner is acting like a scared teenager who’s struggling to deal with his own life lessons.

The truth of it is, we are all continuously re evaluating life and there’s no wrong path. Which ever one we take is right. It’s right for us at the time. We all make the best decisions we can with the information and emotions we have at that precise moment.

Today, I’m working on checking out my reality. Remembering my souls life path and evaluating the journey I would like to take. This can be a painful process, and it can be exhilarating at times. Everybody reacts differently.

If this is where you’re at today then remember to be kind to yourself. Respect and love yourself through it. You may experience fear or loneliness – think of them as friends that are part of you. They are there to help you not get hurt and to protect you from possible pains. Accept them both and allow them as part of you. 

Best of luck xx


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