Tonight I sit alone in the darkness, the warmth of the fire taking the chill off the brisk winters night. I’ve moved the mattress into the lounge room, taking full advantage of the cracking flames, and created what Brendon would call ‘the pit’, I’ve surround myself with pillows and a heavy feather duvet.

Wind whistles through the veranda beams, pressing erratically against the window frames, causing them to shudder in response. I’m happy here. Tonight, the pitch black and the present elements are friends. I am safe. I am whole. The feeling’s of anxiousness and unease that have plagued my body this last few days, pressing in on all sides and constricting my chest until I was sure my heart would shatter or stop beating, have eased. I now control my soul and focus on healing once more. Or maybe my soul controls me? Whatever the answer, for tonight we are at peace.


Those unwanted times in life where your reality gets an overhaul, and you’re back to re evaluating life again and attempting to regain some perspective.

Perhaps you’ve realised it’s time you wanted to be grown up already, or maybe a loved one passed away, or perhaps your partner is acting like a scared teenager who’s struggling to deal with his own life lessons.

The truth of it is, we are all continuously re evaluating life and there’s no wrong path. Which ever one we take is right. It’s right for us at the time. We all make the best decisions we can with the information and emotions we have at that precise moment.

Today, I’m working on checking out my reality. Remembering my souls life path and evaluating the journey I would like to take. This can be a painful process, and it can be exhilarating at times. Everybody reacts differently.

If this is where you’re at today then remember to be kind to yourself. Respect and love yourself through it. You may experience fear or loneliness – think of them as friends that are part of you. They are there to help you not get hurt and to protect you from possible pains. Accept them both and allow them as part of you. 

Best of luck xx


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