There are always horror stories out there of people who’s gear gets completely ruined by the extreme elements of another country. To help you come home from over seas travel with not only your camera gear in full working order, but also some damn incredible photos, here are some helpful hints!

  1. Never underestimate the light. This is a big one, and I can tell you from experience, it’s one you need to know. Lighting varies dramatically from country to country, it’s not the same in Australia as apposed to the USA or China. It is completely different everywhere! As photographers, you’ll see it as soon as you arrive, or maybe you’ll see it as the midnight sun keeps you up in Iceland. Contributing factors include, pollution, snow reflection, position relative to the equator and the ozone layer hole. All make a difference. Your options are as follows. Research where your going for the specific time of year and pack accordingly (filters, reflectors), or pack for everything!54c9747317a53_-_silica_packet_0410-lg
  2. Moisture. Every locations air has a different moisture content that you will want toconsider, especially if your planning on spending a considerable amount of time in a very wet location. This can create the perfect situation for mould like amebas to grow in your gear. To help reduce the chances of this, clean your gear regularly and put those little moisture packets that come in your shoe boxes, throughout your camera bag.
  3. Seaspray. If you’re near the ocean or waterfalls Seaspray can ruin your equipment faster than you would think. Buy a rain sleeve. They’re cheap, disposable and indispensable in that sort of situation.
  4. Think locations. I cannot stress this enough! Spend some time finding out here you’re likely to be shooting and assess weather you’ll need ND filters, Polaroids, or a good hiking pack gear carrier to keep your equipment safe as houses.

That’s it guys! A simple few. Stick to them and you’ll create your own insurance policy. But make sure you have one of those still too!


What can be said… other than wow. This is a place for the giants, a home of history, and a sanctuary for nature to rest. The sheer size and power of the incredible Granite Rock Faces here are a testament to the strength of nature. We’ve trekked the Yosemite National park during winter and summer now and thou

gh the paths are the same and the stone pillars familiar, the feeling is remarkably different season to season.

During the summer months expect heat and tourists and climbers galore as everyone either wants to experience this wonder or conquer an incredible rock face such as Half Dome or El Capitan. And might I add, that whether lead climbing, bouldering or free solo is your thing as far as climbing goes… Yosemite Valley… is a goldmine! ❤

When the snow falls the Valley has a completely different feel. People are scarce, many trecks are closed due to ice and snow but theres a rare opportunity to experience the peace and find solace here. Its the time for paying homage to nature. Yosemite commands respect and and in turn you can feel yourself protected by the great stones surrounding you. Beauty and strength is everywhere. 

If you need to get back to nature and ground yourself once more, don’t go past this one. Yosemite National Park really is talked about for a reason.

Great for the whole family! Enjoy!

When we travel we like to immerse ourselves in the places and become a local. Hang with locals, eat at places recommended by locals, and discover the hidden gems of a city that locals know are there.

The whispering gallery in Grand Central is a gorgeously intriguing piece of New York magic, free for all to experience. Standing 15 meters away from a loved one and whispering to a wall initially seemed a tad ridiculous! To my delight I was completely astonished as I heard a return whisper crisp and clear, as if it were spoken just inches from my ear!

Of course, I know it’s science that has the sounds clinging to the ceiling and traveling the tiles between us… but there’s something about New York and its secrets that makes you feel that the city is alive with magical moments. Take the time to explore and enjoy them, I guarantee you won’t ever forget it.



So there’s a few things you need to consider if you’re planning booking International flights.

The majority of beginners jump to cheap sites, discount apps or travel agents. Not always the greatest option. Don’t get me wrong, apps like Skyscanner can at times, land you a great deal, but it can often land you in a great scam. Bestjet for instance, is a scam! Oh, they’ll book you your flights alright, AFTER they scam you out of another couple hundred bucks.

Secondly consider signing up to a frequent flyer group and then STICK TO IT. Fly airlines that take part in your group. Personally we are with StarAlliance. We’re united gold flyers now as we use them for every flight possible and with that comes free lounge entry (which includes the free food), an extra 30kg check-in bag each, priority checkin and baggage, and more often that not we get upgraded for free too! Why? Because Australians haven’t really jumped on the frequent flyer train just yet. Let me tell you, its worth it. Once you start flying 16 hour flights in Business first, you’ll understand 😉

Okay guys, so here’s our blog! And I’m saying ‘OUR’ in the loosest sense of the word. The chances of Brendon getting into blogging on here regularly are pretty minimal. He may from time to time stumble on some inspiration or feel the need to share his wisdom, but otherwise you’re stuck with me, Sherryn, telling our stories for the both of us 🙂

Oh Brendon, by the way is the love of my life, my partner in crime and someone pretty damn awesome to come home to. He’s also a genius at investing, which helps severely in real estate, and is super supportive. And I am a Marketing Manager for a Chinese company, I was a photographer (sold my studio and business a few years back), are a graphic designer also and I make wedding cakes etc from time to time. Basically I extend myself across every creative profession I can when I get slightly bored of the last one. Oh I also own businesses so one may call me a ‘creative entrepreneur.’

Anyway, on this blog you’re going to find a stack of helpful info if you’re in business or want to be, are creatively inclined, are interested in house investments, wish to read about life, style and relationships, plan on improving who you are or would like to suss out some great places to visit around the world (yeah we travel).

Enjoy! We love your company already 🙂

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